Could you ever have dreamed that this incredible $29.99 limited time offer would provide you with the full organic teeth whitening pen you need to truly have a Celebrity Smile? Purchase Global Smile and commit just 30 seconds per day to using this proven system, and you will be on your way to having the smile you’ve always dreamed of !

No “free trial” scams here! Just a quality product at a GREAT price! The ultimate teeth whitening solution is here. You have the opportunity to get this amazing organic teeth whitening pen for $17.99 if you purchase it in the next 3 minutes when you access the website. You will only be charged seventeen dollars and ninety nine cents ($17.99). Your IP will allow you 3 times per day to take advantage of time limit offer.

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Since 2003 Global Smile is the premier cosmetic teeth whitening brand Worldwide. Our mission is to enhance the way people feel about themselves by providing a safe consistent, professional, and effective teeth whitening process.

We are the global leaders in teeth whitening by supplying worldwide the best quality teeth whitening products wholesale made in The United States of America.



Celebrities are just like you and me. They know they need to make a great first impression if they want to succeed in life. That's why they pay such close attention to their smiles! If their teeth look stained and ugly, it reflects badly on them. Now you can get the same type of bright celebrity smile they have, with Global Smile.

Did you know that people spend more than $2.75 billion dollars a year trying to get more attractive teeth? That's because people know that having a successful social life and doing well in the workforce can depends on having a whiter smile. So why not take steps to get a bright white smile that makes it look like you are ready for the red carpet?

  Drinking 3 cups of coffee per day in college got me through classes, but also gave me yellow teeth! When I graduated, I knew I needed to fix my appearance to adjust to the professional career I was entering. I tried the Global Smile teeth whitening pen and was so impressed about how quickly it whitened my teeth and improved my overall appearance. - Fiona Smith, Age 22, Texas  
  I laughed at my wife when she first ordered the Global Smile teeth whitening pen. My doubts about the product were quickly dismissed, though, when I started noticing a major difference in the brightness and sparkle of her smile – in just days! Needless to say, once we saw the results, we ordered another kit for me. Now neither of us can stop smiling! - Jo Anna and Martin Alexander, Ages 26 & 28, Florida  
  Step 1. Take the cap off at our pen shaped gel applicator.  
  Step 2. Use the pen to apply Global Smile to your teeth.  
  Step 3. Wait a minute for the active ingredients to take effect, then rinse!  
It's that easy. Simply repeat this process twice a day and you may be on your way to a bright celebrity smile !
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